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LotusJump help university

Frequently Asked Questions

Click a question to jump down to the answer!

What is SEO?

I just signed up and all I see are Directory Submission and Content-Building tasks. Where are the rest?

How do I get a link in a blog comment?

My competitor has a link from a website, but how do I get a link from that website too?

Can I post the same article for more than one content-building task?

Why are some directories paid and some free?

Are paid directories worth the money?

How do I change my keywords?

How do I change the URL I'm optimizing?

How do I cancel?

How does LotusJump customize tasks to my business?

How does LotusJump help me?

Does LotusJump do all the work for me?

What if I don't know anything about SEO?

How many months until I see results?

Will LotusJump get me blacklisted like other link building softwares?

Am I locked into a contract?

When do I delete a task? Mark it completed?

Q: What is SEO?
A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of improving your website's rankings for targeted keywords in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Q: I just signed up and all I see are Directory Submission and Content-Building tasks. Where are the rest?
A: Buzz Tasks and Competitive Linking Tasks will take up to 12 hours to appear in your account while we study your competition and search the internet for opportunities related to your keywords.

Q: How do I get a link in a blog comment?
A: To build a link using the HTML snippet provided by LotusJump follow these steps:

  1. Select the entire snippet and then copy it (Right-click your mouse and select Copy or press Ctrl + C on your keyboard).
  2. Fill out the appropriate fields for your comment making sure to use your keyword phrase.

Q: My competitor has a link from a website, but how do I get a link from that website too?
A: Competitive Backlink Tasks are the most advanced tasks in LotusJump and each task must be analyzed on an individual basis. Here are our recommended strategies:

  • Ask - Visit the site and find the site owner's or webmaster's contact information. Contact them directly and request a link to your site.
  • Link Exchange - A variation of the above method, you may also offer to place a link to their site on your site in exchange for a link to your site from their site. (Caution: Overuse of this strategy is not recommended and all link exchanges should be with highly relevant sites of the highest quality possible.)
  • Be Creative - If the site is a blog, offer to write a guest post that includes a link to your site (like an email signature). If your site sells a product, offer a free sample to the website owner to review on their site and ask for a link to be included in the review. The sky is the limit here.

Q: Can I post the same article for more than one content-building task?
A: The short answer is yes. However, we strongly recommend that you avoid or minimize this practice to avoid duplicate content (the same exact content on multiple websites) since search engines will likely only index one copy of the content.

Q: Why are some directories paid and some free?
A: Directories charge a fee for two possible reasons. First, the directory is considered very valuable (it has a high Page Rank in Google or receives significant traffic) and fees are a way to monetize the work the directory publisher has done. Second, many paid directories are human-edited, meaning that a person approves all listings, and fees pay for these editors.

Q: Are paid directories worth the money?
A: It depends. Depending on your industry, your budget, your goals, and the competition for your keywords you may find certain paid directories provide sufficient value while others are overpriced. Every website will be different.

Q: How do I change my keywords?
A: To change your keywords click the Settings link in the upper right corner of the task manager. Next, click the My Domains link and then select Edit to the right of your current search terms. Replace the old keyword(s) with the new keyword(s) and click Save Changes.

Q: How do I change the URL I'm optimizing?
A: To change your URL click the Settings link in the upper right corner of the task manager. Next, click the My Domains link and then select Edit to the right of your current search terms. Replace the old URL with the new URL and click Save Changes.

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Call 801-615-7494 during business hours (9 AM - 5 PM (GMT), Monday - Friday) and we'll help you cancel your account.

Q: How does LotusJump customize tasks to my business?
A: Every task in LotusJump is served for one of your chosen keywords. LotusJump is constantly searching the internet for linkbuilding opportunities related to your keywords and creates a Buzz Task when it discovers opportunities. Competitive Linkbuilding Tasks are created by comparing the backlinks of your competitors to find common link sources where you may also be able to get a link.

Q: How much time to I have to spend on LotusJump to see results?
A: This depends on many factors, such as how many other sites are targeting your terms, who currently ranks on your terms and how you measure results. For best results we recommend 1 hour/day (5 hours/week).

Q: How does LotusJump help me?
A: Marketing your website can be a difficult and time-consuming process. So to make it easier, we created LotusJump! Instead of having to spend hours trying to figure out where and how to improve your online exposure, LotusJump does the heavy lifting for you. When you create your own customized LotusJump account, our advanced algorithm searches the web to find opportunities for you to build valuable inbound links, promote your website and increase your overall traffic. Now you can do your own website marketing without having to outsource to expensive agencies!

Q: Does LotusJump do all the work for me?
A: Almost, but not quite. LotusJump will find you opportunities and provide instructions, but you have to complete the tasks.

Q: What if I don't know anything about SEO?
A: If you're reading this, you already know that SEO is you're already ahead of the curve! The good news is that LotusJump is designed for people with all levels of SEO knowledge--from beginner to pro. We're pleased to inform you that each task has specific instructions and our knowledge base contains further assistance if you get stuck.

Q: How many months until I see results?
A: This will depend on many factors, such as how many other sites are targeting your terms, who currently ranks on your terms and how much time you put into LotusJump. We have seen websites using LotusJump achieve first-page results in only a couple months, but more competitive terms may take months to reach the first page.

Q: Will LotusJump get me blacklisted like other link building softwares?
A: No. LotusJump is designed with the most reputable, white hat principles. Writing valuable content, making insightful comments and honestly representing your site keeps you on the search engines' good side.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?
A: No. LotusJump is pay-as-you-go software.

Q: When do I delete a task? Mark it completed?
A: If you find that a task isn't relevant or you absolutely don't want to do it, go ahead and delete it. If you've followed all the instructions in the task details of a given task, go ahead and mark it completed. Be careful not to be too hasty in marking a task completed or deleted...some tasks might still be useful even it's not apparent right away.