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Get To Know: The Article Submission Task

Ready to share your knowledge, establish authority online and get a link to your website in the process?! If yes, then you're ready for the Article Submission Task.

How It Works
The basic idea: You write an original content article, get it published online (it's easy!), and in exchange you get a relevant link to your site.

The Different Types
You can write an article on your area of expertise and submit it to an article submission site like EzineArticles.com. Other ideas include: Writing "list" articles (i.e. "Top Five Things to Consider Before Hiring A Plumber"), writing new product articles, writing how-to articles, etc.

Why They're Great
Online articles are a powerful linkbuilding tool used in SEO -- they can help generate publicity, position you as an expert in your field, and serve as resources for individuals interested in your topic of choice. And the most qualified person to write about your business is the one who knows it best -- you.

Go Do One!
Log into your account, click the "filter options" button, select all "article submission tasks", and search through the pages until you find a task entitled "Publish an article on EzineArticles" Just follow the instructions in the task details and submit it to EzineArticles to get published. Have fun!

Tips, Suggestions & Best Practices

  • Select Your Topic
    Brainstorm! Make note of anything and everything you can think of that's related to your keyword. Even if it seems ridiculous, write it down. This will get your creative juices flowing and give you several ideas for topics to write about in the future. Remember, your article does not have to be exactly on subject, it just needs to be related to your keyword. For example, if your keyword is "pink laptop bag," you could write an article about "Top Trends for Back to School" or "Must-Have Computer Accessories."

  • Article Appeal: Engage your Reader!
    The most valuable articles are those that provide useful and interesting information for readers, so write an article on a topic that your targeted market is already interested in while incorporating one or two of your keywords. Can you provide solutions for common problems people encounter or do you have unique, helpful tips? Can you shed some light on a current event or significant story that impacts your audience?

  • Need Help Getting Started? Create an Outline
    The easiest way to get started is to create a brief outline of everything you want to cover in the article -- what are your main points or do you have examples to backup what you're saying? An outline will actually save you time once you start writing, allow you to organize your thoughts, and help you identify important points.

  • Eye-Catching Titles Work Best
    Brainstorm and come up with a dynamic and interesting title for your article. It should be something that will be compelling enough for readers to make them want to find out more. For example: How to Train Your Dog vs. Keep Spot from Lifting His Leg: How to Train Man's Best Friend. The second title is more interesting and likely to intrigue readers.

  • Put it Into Words
    Start writing! Keep your tone entertaining yet professional. To avoid sounding like an encyclopedia simply reciting facts, incorporate relevant examples, voice your opinion, or tell stories that support your article. It should include an introduction, the body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Articles should be between 250 (no less!) and 500 words.

  • Break it Up
    Readers are less likely to give your article the time of day if it's one big block of text -- so break it up. Make sure you have noticeable breaks between paragraphs and when possible, use bullet points, numbered lists, or bold paragraph titles to create an article that's easy on the eye.

  • Use Your Resources Box
    Most article submission sites provide a resource box at the end of each article, so take advantage of it! There are a variety of things you can include in a resource box, including a link to your website, your name, and if you want, your contact information.

  • Don't Stress!
    You article does not have to be perfect! In fact, people will be more inclined to read and relate to your article if they feel the article has an element of human interest and is personable -- not a sterile, boring article. So let your personality show through your writing and don't worry about being perfect. Article writing will get easier and more enjoyable with a little practice.