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Get To Know: The Competitive Backlink Task

Ever wanted to know how your competitors rose to the top of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN? The Competitive Backlink task provides some interesting insight...which you just might be able to use to your advantage!

How It Works
The Competitive Backlink task runs a process that 1) finds out the top ranked sites for your chosen keywords and then 2) looks to see if any of these competitors are getting links from common resources. If LotusJump finds that two or more of your competitors are getting links from the same website, it will create a task for you to visit that resource to see if you can find a way to get a link from there as well.

What To Expect
Oftentimes, the Competitive Backlink task will take you to a place where a linkbuilding opportunity isn't readily apparent, or even possible. On some sites (where applicable) you can look for the webmaster's contact info to open up a dialogue about potentially adding your website as a resource to their site. If building a link on their site is clearly not possible, go ahead and delete the task--but think about ways you could get a link to your website from a similar type of resource in the future.

Why They're Great
If two or more competitors have links from the same website, you have much better odds of getting one there too. The Competitive Backlink task helps you keep tabs on your competition and helps you maintain a competitive edge. It's also helps you think "outside the box" when looking for new linkbuilding opportunities.

Go Do One!
Log into your account, click the "filter options" button, select all "competitive backlink task", and pick any one. Click on the website link in the task details and look at some of the websites that link to your competitors. Don't see any Competitive Backlink tasks yet? LotusJump will run the competitive process again soon, so check back often!