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Get To Know: The Content Building Task

Ready to share your knowledge, establish authority online and get a link to your website in the process?! If yes, then you're ready for the Content Building Task.

How It Works
The basic idea: You contribute unique content to the web, and in exchange you get a valuable link to your site.

The Different Types
There are a lot of places on the internet that welcome user generated content and allow links within that content. For example, you can write an article on your area of expertise and submit it to an article submission site like EzineArticles.com, or create a Squidoo lens (similar to a mini webpage) on your product or service, etc.

Why They're Great
Content Building tasks are great because they allow you to 1) build links to your site from a relevant source 2) publish and share your unique knowledge 3) get the word out about your website, product or service and 4) participate in new, online social communities.

Go Do One!
Log into your account, click the "filter options" button, select all "content building tasks", and search through the pages until you find a task entitled "Write an article on Squidoo." You can begin building a mini-site on the subject of your choice...just follow the instructions in the task details and on the Squidoo site. Have fun! P.S. We think it would be fun to showcase some Squidoo lenses built by LotusJumpers on our blog. Email support@lotusjump.com with your lens and we just might feature it with a link to your website (read: free links!)