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Get To Know: The Q&A Task

How It Works
Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers are free services where people can ask and answer questions on virtually any subject. When someone asks a question that's relevant to one of your targeted keywords, LotusJump will automatically create a task in your account to visit that page and share your knowledge. This gives you the opportunity to 1) establish yourself an authority on a given subject and 2) direct people to other helpful resources, like your website (if applicable).

Here's how to answer a question with the Yahoo! Answers service:

  1. Choose a question to answer
    When you click on the task details of a Q&A task, it will open a new tab in your browser with the suggested question to answer. If you'd like to contribute an answer, click the "Answer Question" button.

  2. Sign up or log in
    If you don't have a Yahoo ID, create one. If you do, sign in where prompted.

  3. Write your answer, and use the resources box
    Make sure you provide a good, helpful answer to the person asking the question. If your website qualifies as a helpful resource for that subject, feel free to direct people to it, by typing the website URL in the resources box. NOTE: Don't get too self promotional, or you might get flagged for misuse.

  4. Preview and submit your answer
    Yahoo! Answers gives you the opportunity to review your answer before your final submission. Check for typos or any other errors, and the click submit.

  5. About Levels and Hyperlinks
    Yahoo Answers made a policy change that makes it so Level 1 users will no longer be able to include active links in their answers. You can still include a URL, but it won't appear as an active link. As the Yahoo blog post says, this is a "small but significant" change.

    What's it mean to you? If you're playing by the rules and providing helpful answers to the community, not spamming, just keep doing what you've been doing. It just means that, if you're still a Level 1 user, you'll have to work a little longer and keep adding value to the community before your links will become active/clickable. You get 100 points automatically for signing up...and reach level 2 at 250 points. Here's a link to a quick Yahoo! Answers Scoring Breakdown.

    Keep using LotusJump and you'll reach that level 2 status in no time!

  6. More Questions?
    Take a moment to browse through the great Yahoo! Answers Help Overview