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LotusJump help university

Get To Know Your LotusJump Account

Task Manager Overview
The Task Manager is LotusJump's convenient dashboard that organizes and lists your customized SEO tasks. You arrive at the Task Manager after clicking the "Start Optimizing Now" button on the welcome screen of your account. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the basic features of the Task Manager.

In the left-most column, you'll find a list of 10 tasks per page. When you click on a task, it brings up the task details, which show you how and where to build valuable links to your site. It also allows you to mark a task as completed, or delete tasks that you want to remove from the Task Manager. Since all tasks help improve your rankings, you can start at the first task and move right down the line!

The next column over lists the keyword associated with a particular task. Where possible, LotusJump teaches you how to do tasks that will help you improve your rankings for a specific keyword.

Types of Tasks
The third column from the left indicates which type each task is. LotusJump currently features 4 different types of tasks: Content Building, Directory Submission, Buzz, and Competitive Backlink. Keep an eye out for new, innovative types of tasks...we've got some exciting stuff in development!

"Pin" and "X" buttons
On the far right you'll notice the orange thumbtack and the red "X" icons. Clicking the orange thumbtack allows you to "pin" a task that you would like to mark for later reference, and the red "X" to delete tasks you don't care to complete.

Filter Options
Near the bottom of the task manager, you'll see a button entitled "Filter Options." You can filter your LotusJump tasks by the type of task, or by their status (pinned, completed, deleted, etc).