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Case Study #1: 200% Increase in Affiliate Revenue

The Business
Jared Sidwell created the website FruitBasketReview.com with the discerning consumer in mind. He wanted to point potential customers to the best online fruit basket companies while providing access to valid coupon codes for additional savings.  Being an affiliate marketer, Sidwell makes money each time a visitor links from his review site to a fruit basket site and makes a purchase. 

The Problem
Since money was tight and website Pay-Per-Click marketing wasn't in the budget, Sidwell knew that his only option was to improve his site's search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, with a specific focus on the key words consumers search for when wanting to buy a fruit basket.

The Solution
"I've been using LotusJump for over 5 months now," said Sidwell. "I login probably three times a week to complete the SEO tasks LotusJump finds for me. It has helped me target article submissions, social bookmarking, directory submissions, find where my competitors are linking, and so much more. LotusJump has played a huge part in my current success of boosting my SEO rankings and will definitely be part of my future success."

LotusJump works. "I'm so glad I found LotusJump for my SEO tool," said Sidwell. "Now I spend more of my time commenting on relevant blogs, articles, WikiAnswers, and Yahoo! Answers that are specific to my chosen key word phrases.  I would estimate that Lotus Jump has made me at least 10 times more efficient because instead of spending the majority of my time trying to find places to post comments on relevant sites and blogs, I spend all my time writing content.  Each time I comment I'm getting another link back to my site which gives Fruit Basket Review more link juice and more relevancy to Google.  I now rank on the front page of Google for competitive key word phrases such as 'fruit baskets', 'fruit basket', 'discount fruit baskets', 'gourmet fruit baskets', 'organic fruit baskets', 'fruit basket coupon codes' 'fruit basket promotional codes' and so much more." 

Each month over 1000 unique key word phrases now bring traffic to the Fruit Basket Review website which is now making over $2000 a month in affiliate revenue--a 200% increase in the past five months. 

Case Study #2: E-Retailer Sees Organic Traffic Improve 35%

The Business
OverstockDrugstore.com is the fastest-growing online pharmacy in the U.S. Their online presence is used daily by thousands of customers throughout the globe. However maintaining that presence and improving customer reach is a daunting task for any eCommerce site needing to continually increase and improve its outreach to customers.

The Problem
Putting together a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be complex, but implementation can be a nightmare unless given clear-cut, step-by-step tasks. Without an automated service it would be impossible for Overstock Drugstore.com to identify all the opportunities for moving up in search rankings for less-common words and phrases.

A service such as LotusJump can do a great job with long tail keywords "because of its ability to discover actionable tasks on such a large scale," says Tom McConnon, LotusJump product manager. "If one were to try to find link building opportunities for as many long tail keywords by hand, it would take hours upon hours of work, rendering the process very cost-ineffective."

Online retailer OverstockDrugstore.com has found that having a LotusJump to-do list of SEO assignments can make it easy to farm them out to employees to do in their spare time, even the CEO's executive assistant.

The Solution
The key is having a list of easy-to-complete tasks, and for that OverstockDrugstore.com relies on LotusJump. The e-retailer provides LotusJump with a list of words or phrases related to its top-selling brands, terms it wants to rank high in search engine results, and the vendor finds ways to build links back to the retailer's pages that relate to those terms. Included are commenting on blogs, answering questions on online message boards and adding content to a variety of sites--all with links back to OverstockDrugstore.com that help boost the online drugstore site in search engine rankings.
"For example, one of our top sellers is Rogaine, so LotusJump looks for content related to Rogaine where we could participate," says Clark Winegar, director of online marketing at OverstockDrugstore.com. "LotusJump might find a blog post related to Rogaine. We'll read it and try to add something to the conversation, and in our post include a link back to our site." If someone asks a question about Rogaine on a site like Yahoo Answers or WikiAnswers, responding to that question might be another task LotusJump would identify.

Maintaining and expanding the site is so easy using LotusJump that Overstock Drugstore.com asks anyone in the company who has some free time to take a LotusJump task, whether it's an idle receptionist, a customer service agent between calls or the executive assistant to the CEO with some extra time on their hands.

"Anybody who at any point in the day has free time we'll create a log-in to LotusJump for them and have them complete LotusJump tasks," Winegar says. He also says employees are rewarded for the work they accomplish.
Overstock Drugstore.com has submitted 268 words and phrases to LotusJump since May, and seen a dramatic improvement in natural search rankings for those terms. "Of 268 keywords, we have nine No. 1 listings in Google, 20 in the top three, 30 in the top 5 and 73 of 268 are on the first page of Google results," Winegar says. That has boosted sales, as revenue from organic search results has increased 35% since May, Winegar says. He also says consumers viewing the retailer's blog commentaries or answers on online question boards are clicking through to the site, leading to a 40% increase in sales from such referral sites. 

Winegar says LotusJump is particularly useful to OverstockDrugstore.com because, while 40% of the e-retailer's sales come from 5% of its keywords, 60% come from long-tail terms that may produce one or two sales a month.

Winegar pays a reasonable monthly fee for LotusJump which he considers a very good investment. In just a few months SEO has moved up to become the second highest effective marketing channel for OverstockDrugstore.com, after comparison shopping engines. LotusJump's standard eCommerce offer is $99 per month for 30 keywords and $199 for 100 keywords, with custom pricing available for different numbers of terms.

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LotusJump was designed to provide simple yet effective internet marketing solutions for the people who really need it--individuals, companies and webmasters with big ideas and online businesses.

  • Costs Less Than An Agency - LotusJump is available for a fraction of the cost of an internet marketing agency. Cut costs without sacrificing quality SEO results...LotusJump gives you the tools of professionals!

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LotusJump was developed by a group of SEO specialists who recognized that there wasn't a practical or affordable solution to help businesses do their own effective internet marketing. LotusJump's unique model enables individuals or companies to handle cutting-edge SEO and Social Media themselves, without having to outsource to expensive agencies.

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