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LotusJump eCommerceTM

Q: Why spend time and money trying to rank on competitive, generic keywords,
when you could rank on your specific products?

A: Simply put, you shouldn't.

Internet retailers have a unique challenge. They don't typically sell one item...but even if they did, what are the odds that everybody is using the same search phrase to find it? Slim to none.

So if retailers sell lots of products, and people use all kinds of search phrases to find them, SEO starts to get complicated real fast. Enter LotusJump eCommerce: A way for you to target and manage the optimization of a broader, more effective keyword list.

Read on to discover how LotusJump can maximize your success, or request your custom quote right away!

eCommerce SEO

What It Is

LotusJump eCommerce is an innovative, web-based software designed specifically for eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's the first software capable of helping businesses optimize their entire product line.

Who It's For

LotusJump eCommerce is the perfect solution for businesses with websites that
  1. Sell tens, hundreds or thousands of products online
  2. Want more of their products to rank well in search engines like Google and Bing
  3. Understand that by improving their product rankings, they can drastically improve revenue and sales
LotusJump eCommerce allows businesses to actively target more products and associated keywords than ever before possible.

How It Works

LotusJump eCommerce allows you to match your top keywords with their associated product pages, and then creates simple, intuitive SEO tasks for you to complete. As you begin optimizing your product pages for specific keywords, you'll increase your traffic and sales. Never before has an SEO Software enabled a user to optimize thousands of keywords in such an efficient manner.

Understanding the 'Long Tail'

The term 'long tail' was coined by Chris Anderson and is used to describe the strategy of targeting less-competitive niche markets rather than the hugely competitive broad ones. Adapted to SEO, optimizing the 'Long Tail' means targeting keywords that are 1) less competitive and 2) get less search volume individually, but are much more specific and net a massive amount of search volume collectively. A long tail keyword is something like 'eCommerce SEO Software' while its counterpart, a head term, is something like 'eCommerce'.

Optimizing the 'Long Tail'

You may be wondering why anybody would want to target hundreds or thousands of keywords which, individually, drive small amounts of traffic. The answer is simply that there is less competition. With long tail you can rank on the first page of Google for long tail keywords far easier than ranking for short tail keywords. Yes, they don't bring a lot of traffic individually, but they can generate huge amounts of qualified traffic collectively.

Keep in mind that while not everybody is capable of ranking highly for really competitive keywords, practically anybody can rank for long tail keywords (with a little bit of work).

Another benefit of long tail keywords is that the visitors convert amazingly well to sales. Visitors searching for long tail keywords know exactly what they want, and rely on you to fullfill their needs.


Never before has an SEO Software enabled a businesses to "optimize the long tail," as LotusJump eCommerce does. It is the most efficient solution to optimize your entire product line and improve your online sales revenue. With LotusJump eCommerce, any member of your team can contribute to your SEO efforts. Contact us today for your custom quote.