LotusJump partners and partnerships


LotusJump welcomes partnerships with a variety of businesses. If you have a client base with websites, contact us to explore the opportunity for getting an additional revenue stream from your existing customers. The following are a few types of business that make ideal LotusJump partners.
  • Website Building Companies
  •      Complement the sites you build with an SEO solution.

  • Payment Gateways/Shopping Carts
  •      SEO brings more traffic and sales to your clients, which translates into more transactions for you to process.

  • SEO agencies
  •      Don't turn away leads that have smaller SEO budgets, make money by signing them up with LotusJump!

  • Web developers
  •      Offer SEO when you develop a site for a client and generate another revenue stream.

  • PR/Marketing Agencies
  •      Don't provide SEO? Now you can with a LotusJump solution.

  • Affiliates
  •      Check out our affiliates page.